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Registration of Hungarian Companies

Registration of Hungarian Companies

Updated on Wednesday 24th June 2015

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Companies incorporated in Hungary need to be registered at the Hungarian Court of Registration. The procedure is not complicated and an electronic system is also available. Our lawyers in Hungary can guide you throughout the company registration procedure and help you prepare all of the needed documents.
According to the Hungarian Companies Act, legal entities can be incorporated by resident or foreign natural persons. In order to register a company, foreign investors must follow some simple steps.
Steps for registering companies in Hungary
There are several available types of companies in Hungary: limited liability companies, limited shares companies, limited and unlimited partnerships and joint stock companies. Limited liability companies are among the most used types of legal entities. The first step towards registering a Hungarian company is drawing up the Articles of Association. They must be signed by all of the founding members of the company.
A bank account must be opened before registering the new company at the Hungarian Court of Registration. Our lawyers in Hungary can provide complete services for opening a bank account in Hungary.
The Hungarian Court of Registration issues an electronic registration certificate. The applications must be submitted electronically and the registration fees vary according to the type of company. A simplified registration procedure is also available and the costs for this type of registration are lower. The presence of a legal representative is mandatory when registering a company in Hungary.
Specific provisions for company registration in Hungary
Hungarian companies need to register at the competent tax authority.  The application for a tax number is made by submitting the following documents:
- a special form;
- a certified translation into Hungarian of the certificate of incorporation (if needed);
- a signature specimen;
- a certificate from the competent tax authority.
The registration must be made before the company begins its commercial activity. Our lawyers in Hungary can help you draw up the necessary documents in order to register your company at the competent Hungarian authorities.


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