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Law Firm in Hungary

Law Firm in Hungary

Updated on Friday 08th October 2021

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Hungary is an appealing investment destination for foreign investors interested in setting up operations in the European Union. In the last few years, Hungary has evolved a lot from an economic point of view and this evolution has attracted many large companies which have established their headquarters here.
Hungary is not appealing for investors only, as its living standards and infrastructure have also attracted foreign citizens interested in living in a country that offers good development conditions are reasonable costs. This is why many people choose to immigrate to Hungary
For all these to be possible in optimum circumstances, the help of a law firm in Hungary could prove essential. This is why our lawyers in Hungary provide tailored legal advice to foreign citizens and investors no matter their interests in this country.
Below, we invite you to read about us and our services and discover how our Hungarian lawyers can help you.

Why choose our law firm in Hungary?

The quality of our lawyers in Hungary represents our strength and we prove this statement by providing practical commercial directions combined with professional and personalized services. Our lawyers’ legal knowledge and legal experience is translated into clear advice came before your needs. Our law firm in Hungary focuses on getting a positive resolution for your problem by working with a professional team who can solve any specific need in the legal field. Our lawyers can also help you in the process of trademark registration in Hungary
We also invite you to watch a video on our legal services in Hungary:
The priority of our law firm is to provide quality legal services by including a system for protecting your confidential information. We will also provide you with regular reports on the state of our activity for your case. Our clients in Hungary enjoy a comprehensive package of legal services including both legal advice and assistance and representation before any Courts of Hungary.
Our lawyers in Hungary have a solid background consisting in many years of experience in the practice of advocacy at the highest level of professionalism and can provide clients with legal advice, legal assistance, judicial and extrajudicial representation in all areas of law. Furthermore, we can help clients incorporate companies in this country through our partners who are experts in company formation matters in Hungary. 

Legal services provided by our attorneys in Hungary

If you find Hungary the next best destination for you to move to or start a business, here are some of the legal services you can obtain with us:
  1. assistance in various civil law matters, ranging from litigation to Family Law-related situations;
  2. assistance in real estate matters if you want to buy or sell various types of properties in Hungary;
  3. assistance in obtaining various types of residence permits when moving to Hungary;
  4. legal advice in relation to corporate matters if you want to open a company in Hungary;
  5. debt collection services which can be completed out or in a Hungarian court of law;
  6. assistance in tax legislation matters for the cases you need to understand how the Hungarian taxation system works.
All our legal services in Hungary will be tailored to your needs and will be provided in a timely manner, so you can benefit from all our support.

Civil Law attorneys in Hungary

There are various Civil Law related matters our Hungarian law firm can help you with and it is important to understand that both individuals and companies need to respect it. Our lawyers in Hungary can help in the following situations falling under the Civil Law:
  • - marriage registration, divorce procedures, child custody and maintenance, division of assets;
  • - inheritance matters;
  • - contractual matters.
Our law firm can help you draft any type of contract, but can also assists with the verification of contracts, as well as represent you before the courts when dealing with litigation falling under the Civil Code.

Buy or sell properties with the help of our law firm in Hungary

Hungary has many beautiful cities foreign citizens decide to move to after spending some time here. For those who decide to take this step, our lawyers in Hungary can help with the real estate due diligence procedure before acquiring a property. We can then help with the preparation of all documents one will need to complete the purchase, followed by the registration of the property deed with the Land Register.
We can also help those who want to sell their properties in Hungary.
Our services cover the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties in Hungary, so don’t doubt in discussing with our attorneys in Hungary.

Immigration lawyers in Hungary

Moving to Hungary is not complicated thanks to the fact that foreign citizens have access to various types of residence permits. However, when preparing for immigration, the assistance of our lawyers in Hungary could prove essential in preparing the documents and filing them with the authorities.
Our Hungarian law firm can assist non-EU citizens who want to move to Hungary with applications for the following types of visas:
  • - student visas;
  • - temporary and permanent residence permits;
  • - Schengen visas.
If you are in search of a simple and stress-free immigration solution, our Hungarian lawyers could be it.

The Commercial Law in Hungary

From the creation of a business, and also during its development you will need the support of a specialized lawyer in commercial law.
Any of our lawyers specialized in Commercial Law in Hungary offers the support needed in drafting the documents of the company by offering you the keys in making the best decisions, but also in the risk assessment of your business.
In terms of commercial law in Hungary we are able to offer you a wide range of services, from company incorporation, changes of incorporation, commercial contracts - negotiations, drafting, additions, changes, termination, inserting clauses in commercial contracts.
Our lawyers in Hungary will also take care of any commercial litigation by offering assistance or representation in pre-trial negotiation phase and before the court.

The company registration procedure in Hungary

You have to register and authorize your business by submitting certain documentation before the competent public authorities. We strongly recommend you to ask for the help of a specialized lawyer in order to facilitate the entire procedure. By working with our law firm in Hungary you will benefit from the most competent services in this field and the registration procedure for your company will be realized in best conditions and time. 

Opening a holding company in Hungary

You may choose to open a Hungarian holding company, an efficient instrument for the investors  wanting to save the profits made in other country by their subsidiaries. You must be aware of all the particularities of such a company and each of our lawyers in Hungary is able to offer you professional consultancy, as most of Hungarian holding companies are established only for acquiring a majority of shares and operate through other companies. 

Company liquidation in Hungary

When you want to close a company in Hungary you should be informed from the start about the actions that must be taken. Whether the procedure targets a voluntary or a compulsory liquidation, our law firm in Hungary is able to guide you through each phase, as provided by Hungarian Act IV of 2006.   

Accounting services in Hungary

Tax payments in Hungary may become a difficult matter for an entrepreneur. By choosing to work with our law firm in Hungary, you will no longer have worries about tax compliance. We collaborate with experienced accountants in order to provide complete assistance and action for public taxes, payroll, VAT registration and payment as well as for other related financial issues needed for your company’s thriving.
We can also help you to take advantage of the Double Tax Treaties signed by Hungary which states that the profits are only taxed in the country of origin. By choosing to work with our law firms in Hungary you can avoid these payments. Our lawyers in Hungary can provide you with further information in this field and they can assist and represent you for any action required.

Debt collection in Hungary

When an individual or legal person refuses to pay its claims the situation may endanger the status of your company and you may come in the impossibility to pay your invoices to the suppliers. In order to avoid this situation, you should hire a team of qualified lawyers in Hungary to represent you in any debt collection procedure, whether it is about letters of demand, negotiations, lawsuit, attachment, seizure of assets or other relates situations. Our attorneys have successfully solved several debt collection cases and they are up-to-date with all the actions implied in this procedure. If you need legal services in other countries, such as IranPortugal or Norway we can help you get in touch with local lawyers. In case you are in need of company formation services in other European country, we invite you to contact our partner company formation firm in Slovenia.

Assistance in taxation matters in Hungary

Taxation is one of the most important aspects to consider when moving to another country and Hungary is no exception, no matter if you are a simple citizen or an investor seeking to set up a company in Hungary or move a business here.
You can rely on our lawyers in Hungary if you want to understand the tax legislation here and how taxation works. We can provide tailored tax advice in order for you to benefit from the best development conditions.
Here is what you should know about the Hungarian taxation system:
  • - for individuals, the personal income tax is levied at a unique rate of 15%;
  • - companies are subject to the tax on corporate income which is levied at a relatively low rate of 9%;
  • - the standard VAT rate is set at 27%, however, lower rates of 18% and 5% are also available for specific goods and services;
  • - Hungary also has a wide network of double taxation treaties comprising 75 countries around the world.
Please contact our Hungarian law firm for tailored legal services.