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How to Get Hungarian Citizenship?

Updated on Tuesday 03rd August 2021

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How to get Hungarian citizenship.jpgHungary is a member state of the European Union and it is one of those countries that offer accessible citizenship and provide a gateway to explore the whole Europe visa-free. It also offers different approaches on how to get Hungarian citizenship to people with different nationalities. If a person is looking to settle in any state for business out of his/her native state for the sake of better opportunities, Hungary would be the rational choice for him/her. Like other countries, Hungary also offers some different ways in which a person can get Hungarian citizenship. 
Although, understanding the requirements of the citizenship process might be tricky for a common person our team of Hungarian lawyers is always available to guide you regarding the matter of how to get Hungarian citizenship.

Obtain Hungarian citizenship by jus sanguinis 

Jus sanguinis is the main principle of Hungarian citizenship law meaning that descendants of Hungarian citizens are Hungarian citizens regardless of their place of birth. Although Hungary offers different ways of obtaining its citizenship,the simplest of all methods is called simplified naturalization. This citizenship is available to those who have Hungarian parents or grandparents. The perk of simplified citizenship is that if a person even proves the traces of his ancestors in Hungary, he would be considered eligible for Hungarian citizenship.

Getting Hungarian citizenship by this method only takes few months, unlike the regular process in which a person must reside in Hungary for 8 years before applying for citizenship. This process requires only a proof of your ancestry in Hungary and obliges the applicant to pass a basic language test.
Our lawyers in Hungary are available to assist you with their services in the matter of obtaining citizenship in this country. 

Other possibilities of getting citizenship in Hungary

Here are some possibilities on how to obtain citizenship for people with different statuses. A child born in Hungary having foreign parents gets a Hungarian birth certificate but not Hungarian citizenship. So, a child born in Hungary can apply for citizenship after living for continuously five years in Hungary. Those people who are married to Hungarian citizens or are parents to Hungarian children, who are minors and/or hold refugee status, can apply for Hungarian citizenship after living in this country for three years.
The individuals that apply for the certificate of naturalization can also apply for citizenship. All these certificates are then approved by the President of Hungary and these approved certificates act as legal documents for the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship. In the end, the applicants swear oaths of citizenship and become Hungarian citizens.
Hungary offers a swift naturalization process as per the circumstances but misunderstandings in legal processes may cause delays. To avoid any inconvenience in the naturalization procedure, you can rely on our attorneys in Hungary for assistance regarding how to get Hungarian citizenship.

Application procedure for Hungarian citizenship

The application procedure for Hungarian citizenship is different for people with different backgrounds. For example as an expatriate, you will need to apply for Hungarian citizenship in person with the Registrar at the Local Council. If you are a non-EU-citizen and you are interested in acquiring citizenship in this country, you will need to obtain first a visa for Hungary by submitting your application with the Hungarian embassy within the country of your residence. Non-EU citizens are also required to obtain a work permit in Hungary in order to be able to then get Hungarian citizenship. All necessary documents should be attached with the application and the application should be filled in the Hungarian language with the signature of the applicant. It is necessary to use the Hungarian format in the application. 
The required documents for this procedure include:
  • Certificate of a valid and legal accommodation;
  • A valid immigration card;
  • Proof of clean criminal record;
  • Necessary to pass a citizenship exam that will be conducted in Hungarian language;
For further application process regarding how to get Hungarian citizenship, you can get the immigration services of our lawyers in Hungary.

Evidence of Hungarian citizenship

The following documents would be considered as proof of citizenship until proven otherwise:
  • A valid Hungarian ID card that bears your identification data;
  • A valid Hungarian passport but if your passport is expired you may still use that passport for one year following the date of expiry as proof of Hungarian citizenship;
  • A valid certificate of Hungarian citizenship;
  • The certificate of naturalization, until proven otherwise;
  • A registry of residency and personal data.
These documents and certificates are necessary as proof of Hungarian citizenship. Our lawyers in Hungary can guide you about the documents in detail deem necessary on how to get Hungarian citizenship.

Number of foreign citizens residing in Hungary (2014-2019)

Here is the table representation of non-European Union and European Union citizens residing in Hungary from 2014-2019.   
Non-EU foreigners
EU foreigners
If you are interested in becoming a citizen of Hungary, you can contact our law firm in Hungary for details about how to get Hungarian citizenship.