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Hungary Digital Nomad Visa

Updated on Monday 04th April 2022

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Hungary-Digital-Nomad-Visa.jpgMany European countries have enabled immigration programs that allow foreigners to work as digital nomads. Hungary is one of them and thus, foreigners can apply for the Hungary digital nomad visa
For legal advice on how to obtain the digital nomad visa in Hungary, our team of Hungarian lawyers remains at the service of foreign persons who are eligible for this program. 

Who can apply for the Hungary digital nomad visa?

The immigration document is available for a wide category of persons, but there are some limitations. As a general rule, the document is available for foreigners who can work remotely while traveling in different countries. 
The Hungary digital nomad visa is known as the White Digital Card and it is issued as a Type D visa, that allows the right to reside in Hungary on a long-term basis (which implies the possibility of staying here for more than 90 days). 
According to the Hungarian law, the White Digital Card is available for the following categories of persons: 1) non-Hungarian citizens, 2) non-EU citizens, 3) citizens residing outside the EU, Schengen states and the European Economic Area. 
A 4th category of persons entitled to obtain the Hungary digital nomad visa is of those who are considered stateless persons. Our team of lawyers in Hungary can present what categories of persons that are stateless, as per the rules of Hungarian law
The White Digital Card can be obtained by any of the above, and it is issued as a residence permit that allows the foreigner to develop a work activity in Hungary that is related to an employment relationship in another country. 
According to the Directorate General for Aliens Policing, the document can also be issued for those who own shares (which means that they are shareholders) of a company with a tax residency in countries outside the regions mentioned above. 

What are the highlights of the Hungary Digital Nomad Visa?

As a foreigner, one can benefit from a much simpler immigration system (without this visa, a foreigner should comply with one of the other legal requirements in order to have the right to stay here for more than 90 days). 
Such reasons could be related to employment, studies, work contracts originated in Hungary, etc. 
With the digital nomad visa, the foreigner can simply live here, visit the country, rent an apartment and carry on with his or her own work activities that are connected to the country of residence. Some of the highlights are as follows: 
  • the visa, once issued, is valid for a period of 1 year;
  • however, the foreigner can extend the visa, only once, for period of 1 year (totaling to 2 years of stay in Hungary under this visa program);
  • the fee to process the visa application is of EUR 110;
  • the processing of the digital nomad visa in Hungary can be completed in a period of 30 days since the application is submitted;
  • the applicant is required to present information on having sufficient financial funds to live in Hungary – a minimum of EUR 2,000 is required per 1 month of stay. 
All applicants will be asked to provide information on the previous 6 months of financial activity – here, the Hungarian authorities will want to see that the foreigner received at least EUR 2,000 per each month for his or her digital nomad activities.
Of course, there are additional requirements to comply with, and our Hungarian law firm can explain them all, along with detailed information on the documents that have to be prepared for the application. 
The application for the Hungary digital nomad visa will ask foreigners to present information on their rental arrangements, including real estate purchase contracts, where applicable. 
If you need advice on the Hungary digital nomad visa or on how to sign a rental/purchase contract, you can always contact our Hungarian law firm