Hungary Residence Permit - 2021 Guide

Hungary Residence Permit

Updated on Tuesday 25th January 2022

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The state of Hungary offers residence permits to foreign citizens who wish to live in this country and want to enjoy opportunities almost the same as the citizens of Hungary. As this country is a part of the Schengen zone, any person with a Hungary residence permit can travel Schengen zone visa-free.The reasons why a person should select Hungary as his/her residing country is, Hungary offers a high-class lifestyle at low costs and people prefer to start their businesses in this country.

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Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe and it is the place of best thermal pools in the world. It is among the 30 most visited states on the surface of this planet. Hungary does not restrict any national from obtaining a Hungarian residency permit. Another benefit is that this country recognizes dual nationality and does not compel a person to renounce the previous nationality for the sake of becoming a Hungarian citizen. According to their nationality, individuals who want to live in Hungary are required to apply for a residence permit if their stay in the country exceeds 90 days. The Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality is the national authority that deals with all matters regarding settlement, residence, citizenship, and refugee asylum in Hungary. 
If you are planning to get a Hungary residence permit, then a team of our Hungarian lawyers can assist you through the whole process. Furthermore, you can also rely on our lawyers if you want information regarding taxes in Hungary. It is indispensable to the locals and the foreigners to comply with the tax regulations to avoid any inconvenience. Our experienced Hungarian lawyers will provide you with comprehensive guidance in this regard. 
 Quick Facts  
  Residence permit types

Permanent Residence Card
Temporary Residence Permit
National Visa and National Residence Permit
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Voluntary Service Activities

Time needed to obtain temporary residence permit (approx.)

approx. 21 days 

Temporary residence permit validity

 1 year
Documents for obtaining temporary residence

Birth certificate;

Deed of adoption;

Marriage certificate;

Proof of family relations to EEA citizen;

Proof of financial support;

Proof of health insurance;

Proof of accommodation.

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register) EEA nationals must communicate their residence to the regional directorate of jurisdiction.

The client must appear before the competent authority in person, in order to obtain the registration certificate.
Dependents can join the temporary permit holder (Yes/No)


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes 


Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence  6 months
Documents for obtaining permanent residence  Birth certificate;
Deed of adoption;
Marriage certificate;
Proof of family relations to EEA citizen;
Proof of financial support;
Proof of health insurance;
Proof of accommodation.
Naturalization requirements 

1. A valid Hungarian ID card

2. A valid Hungarian passport
3. A valid Hungarian citizenship certificate
4. A certificate of naturalization
5.The registry of personal data and addresses

 Citizenship after permanent residence  After 8 years of residence 


How to get a Hungarian residence permit as an EU citizen?

When it comes to awarding a residency permit, this country has different procedures for European Union (EU) citizens and non-European Union citizens. If you are an EU citizen then you must apply for a registration card. From 1 July 2007, EU citizens get a registration card instead of a Hungary residence permit for an unlimited time. You do not need to renew this residency card as long as you are working or studying in Hungary. While the submission of a work permit as proof of your job depends upon the bilateral agreements between Hungary and your home country. Being an EU resident you would be obliged to provide proof of your accommodation, employment, and funds to cover your and your family’s expenditures in Hungary. Once all the documents are collected, the registration card will be issued to him/her spontaneously at the immigration office. After obtaining your registration card, the address card will be posted to you by the immigration office. Never forget that your registration card is valid only together with your passport and address card.
You can get legal help from our lawyers in Hungary, they will assist you through every step of the whole procedure. In addition to this, if you face problems regarding debt collection in Hungary, you can get in touch with our lawyers for their legal help. In addition to this, if you face problems regarding debt collection in Hungary, you can get in touch with our lawyers for their legal help. They will amicably start your debt collection case. In case this approach does not bring any positive results, our lawyers will further represent you in the court of law. 



How to get a Hungary residence permit as a non-EU citizen?

If you are a non-EU citizen then you need to apply for a residency permit at the local immigration office before your visa expires. You will get your visa in the first year at the Consulate with which you can travel to Hungry. This visa is only valid for 30 days from the date you entered the Schengen zone. Within these 30 days, you must visit the Hungarian immigration office in person to arrange the address registration and to obtain the final Schengen residence permit. Being a non-EU citizen you can obtain a Hungary residency permit at the Hungarian immigration office in the second year. This whole procedure can take up to 30 days in which you have to prove your accommodation and employment through a labor agreement, work permit or employment contract, etc.
Being a non-EU citizen, this process might be difficult for you, so you can get help from our law firm in Hungary
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Requirements for a residency permit in Hungary

Usually, different Hungary residence permits require different documentation but here is a list of documents just to give you a general idea:
  • birth certificate;
  • deed of adoption;
  • marriage certificate;
  • proof of family relations to EEA citizen;
  • proof of financial support;
  • proof of health insurance;
  • proof of accommodation.
For getting more details about documentation, you can contact our attorneys in Hungary for assistance. If you want to conclude a divorce in Hungary, you can interact with our lawyers.
They will proceed with your case as per the provisions of the Hungarian Family Law Act. Getting a divorce in Hungary is relatively easy because the couple is not obliged to determine the exact reason for the dissolution of marriage. However, asset distribution and child custody might be tricky. So, it is recommended to take the legal services of our local lawyers.

Types of residency permits in Hungary in 2021

Citizens of the European Union and the spouses of Hungarian citizens do not need to apply for a residence visa if their stay does not surpass three months. However, if the stay in the country exceeds more than three months, a Registration Card and an Address Card are necessary. Non-EU family members of EU citizens also need a Hungary residency permit if their stay lasts longer than three months.
Hungary issues different kinds of permits and licenses and some of its residency permits are as follows:
  • national residence permit;
  • residence permit for voluntary activities;
  • visas for seasonal workers;
  • residence permit for the purpose of studies;
  • residence permit for family unification;
  • resident permit for official purposes;
  • resident permit for medical treatments;
  • residence permit for carrying out scientific research;
  • temporary residence permits.
Special conditions apply to third-country nationals. Our Hungarian lawyers can describe the definitions of stateless people and the third-country nationals, as they appear in the relevant Hungarian legislation.  Our lawyers can offer you specific information about Hungarian family law.
However, different kinds of residence permits require different procedures. For detailed information about a specific kind of permit, you can hire Hungarian lawyers for their services. 
Relative’s residence permit in Hungary
Generally, the family members of Hungarian and the EU citizens are granted a relative’s residence permit. This permit provides people with an opportunity to join their relatives and live in Hungary. As far as the third-country nationals are concerned, they are also allowed to join their family members in Hungary who have already been granted with Hungary residence permit under the family reunification visa
Study residence permit in Hungary
As a third-country national, you can apply for study residence permit if you are enrolled in an accredited secondary or higher education academic institution on a full-time basis. In addition to this, you can also apply for this permit if you are participating in a preparation course at an accredited higher education institution. 
Business residence permit in Hungary 
The temporary and permanent business residence permits are awarded to the business owners who take an active role in their company as managing partners or directors. This permit demands several requirements, but it is still considered the cheapest entry into doing business in Hungary. 
Residence permit for work in Hungary
The third-country nationals can obtain a residence permit if they wish to work in Hungary based on employment relationships. Those who intend to undertake work independently for pay can also apply for a work permit in Hungary.
Instead of all these residence permits, Hungary also introduced a residency bond program which is currently discontinued. You can get in touch with our lawyers if you have any ambiguities regarding the residence permits discussed above. 

Application method for residence permits in Hungary in 2021

Individuals interested in applying for a Hungary residence permit must meet the basic requirements for submitting their application. The required forms need to be completed (according to the type of residence permit), annexes must also be completed (if required), the applicant must provide additional necessary documents and he or she must pay a processing fee. Applicants must submit the applications themselves. A national residence permit in Hungary is valid for five years but it can also be renewed for the next 5 years if the applicant desires.
If you want to immigrate to Hungary in 2021, you are advised to seek legal counseling from our team of Hungarian lawyers. There are very simple immigration rules for the citizens of the European Union but the third-country nationals must apply for a visa in order to live in Hungary. Please mind that United Kingdom (UK) nationals who want to arrive here from 2021 onwards have to comply with new regulations, considering that the UK is no longer a member state of the EU. 

Can you extend your residence permit in Hungary?

Yes, the residence permit in Hungary is extendable, and the application for extension must be submitted in person at the regional directorate. The applicant is also required to attach the necessary documents along with the application. Our lawyers in Hungary can provide you with an updated guide regarding essential documents. The administrative service fee for issuing a residence permit is EUR 60. The applicant can pay by way of an electronic payment instrument or in the form of a bank deposit. 
After this, the regional directorate may take 21 days in the process, and then the competent immigration authorities will post the residence permit documents to the applicant. 

Hungary issued the highest number of residency permits between 2016-2017

  • Between the end of 2016 and the end of 2017, the majority of EU member states (21 states) reported an increasing number of valid residency permits issued to non-EU citizens.
  • The highest rate of residency permit issuance to non-EU citizens was recorded in Hungary.
  • In Hungary, the stock of residency permits granted to non-EU citizens has more than doubled (113%) followed by Slovakia 21%, Bulgaria (41%), and Malta (25%).
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