Immigrate to Hungary from US

Immigrate to Hungary from US

Updated on Thursday 08th October 2020

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Immigrate-to-Hungary-from-US.jpgPersons who want to immigrate to Hungary from US must take all the necessary steps in order to be able to enter the Hungarian territory. Depending on the purpose of stay and the duration of the stay, American passport holders may need to obtain various types of visas, residence permits and other documents that grant the right of staying on the Hungarian territory to foreigners. 
Given the wide variety of situations that can be covered by the Hungarian immigration legislation with regards to the access of American citizens in this country, we advise to address to our lawyers in Hungary for extensive information on the immigration procedures and the documents foreigners should obtain. 

What are the requirements for short-term stays in Hungary?

The immigration requirements prescribed for American citizens arriving in Hungary for short-term stays depend based on the purpose of the stay. According to the immigration law applicable in Hungary, a short-term stay defines any period of time of maximum 90 days spent here by foreigners.   
As a general rule, foreigners from outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) are required to obtain a visa even for short-term stays, but certain nationalities outside these regions are entitled to a visa exemption and this is the case of American citizens as well, who can easily arrive here without a visa for short-term stays related to travelling or business. Our lawyers in Hungary can present what other visa exemptions can apply to American citizens
The basic legal requirement that must be met is to have a valid passport issued by the US authorities, which will grant the right to travel in the Schengen states as well, as Hungary is a part of the Schengen Agreement. Our Hungarian law firm can present more details referring to short-term stays in this country, but American citizens should know that the following basic requirements must be met by all passport holders:
  • the passport of the American citizen must have a minimum 3 months validity after the departure date, but a 6 months validity is generally required;
  • the American passport must also have 1 empty page per stamp;
  • American citizens must declare any amounts higher than EUR 10,000 at the entry or the departure from Hungary;
  • however, it must be noted that American citizens will be subjected to the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) requirements starting from 2022;
  • the ETIAS will allow Americans to stay up to 90 days in any of the Schengen states and the authorization will be valid for 3 consecutive years. 
The ETIAS system was created in order to increase border security in the Schengen region for third-country nationals, Americans included, but it must be noted that the procedure for obtaining the authorization is rather simple, as it was created as an online system. Our law firm in Hungary can present further information on the ETIAS documents. 

What are the steps for obtaining a Hungarian visa?

In the case of those who need a visa when arriving in Hungary, a more complex procedure has to be concluded. We will present some of the basic steps involved in this process, but our lawyers in Hungary can provide a complex presentation on the procedure and the documents the applicant must prepare. 
The legal framework applicable to Americans is available at the US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs, but also at the Hungarian embassies or consulates operating on the American territory, which are the main institutions through which the visa application process is completed. You can also rely on our Hungarian law firm for in-depth information on the current legislation. 
The process of obtaining a visa depends on the type of visa necessary for the American citizen, but in most of the cases, the applicant has to complete the standard application form, present the valid passport, two photographs, information on the ticket reservation, a travel insurance, information on the accommodation arrangements and financial means, these being some of the few basic aspects the applicant should take care of.  
For instance, if the visa required by the applicant is for employment purposes, then he/she must present the employment contract, if the visa is for medical purposes, the applicant must add to the file medical documents showing that the person will be treated in a Hungarian hospital
Those who want to immigrate to Hungary from US on a long-term basis must make sure that they will be able to live here from a legal point of view, which means that the person has to apply for a residence permit. Our attorneys in Hungary can present the procedures available in this case and can also help foreigners in obtaining the required documents. If you need to be represented by a specialist in the immigration law, do not hesitate to address to our law firm in Hungary