Immigration Law in Hungary

Immigration Law in Hungary

Updated on Tuesday 17th January 2017

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The Immigration Law in Hungary regulates aspects concerning the mobility of population across the borders of this country. Whether you intend to make a holiday in Hungary or you took the decision to change residency, you will be confronted with the legal matters covered by this law. A law firm in Hungary can provide the relevant information for you, concerning visa, permits and other immigration related issues. 

When should the immigration Law in Hungary be my concern?

The Immigration Law in Hungary is of interest for people who decide to travel or to stay in Hungary for a long period of time. For tourists, there are different conditions depending on the place of origin. For example a USA citizen can stay for maximum 90 days in 6 months on Hungarian territory, and do not need to apply for a visa. As a member of the Schengen Area, Hungary provides special conditions for the other members of the agreement.
Those who are going to work in Hungary for more than 3 months have to apply for a seasonal employment Visa, and they must obtain a work permit from the Hungarian Employment Office. Those who intend to work as a volunteer need to obtain a residence permit for voluntary work. 
According to the immigration regulations in Hungary, those who intend to remain in Hungary for a longer period of time exceeding 90 days, must apply for a long term residence permit. You can count on our law firm in Hungary who can help you obtain the documents needed for a lawful stay or visit in Hungary.

The provisions of the immigration law in Hungary concerning investors 

There are several situations in which companies or juridical persons might need to apply for a special permit in Hungary in order to perform economic activity in this country. The investors coming from outside the EU need in some cases to prove the existence of business relations with Hungary. They might be required to provide an invitation letter from the Hungarian business partners or to obtain from the chamber of commerce a proving document.
For long stays the residence permit (tartózkodási engedély) must be obtained from the regional Office of Immigration. Citizenship can also be obtained after eight years of continuous residence under certain conditions specified by the Immigration Law in Hungary.
Please feel free to contact our Hungarian lawyers for any issues regarding immigration. They will help you obtain all needed documents required by the immigration office so that you can easily conduct your activity in Hungary.