Marriage Registration in Hungary

Marriage Registration in Hungary

Updated on Wednesday 24th June 2015

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In Hungary the only legally binding ceremony is the civil wedding ceremony. A religious ceremony can be concluded afterwards and foreign couples willing to get married in Hungary should know that Hungary is a Roman-Catholic country.
Our lawyers in Hungary can help you if you want to get married in Hungary or if you concluded a marriage abroad and want to register a marriage in Hungary.
Marriage requirements in Hungary
A civil marriage performed in Hungary is usually recognized in other countries. It is advisable to plan ahead if you want to conclude a marriage in Hungary. Certain arrangements must be made with the relevant authorities and it is best to contact the authorities and start submitting the necessary documents with at least one month before the wedding. The procedure may take longer for foreign couples, depending on the county of origin.
The following documents are needed in order to register a marriage in Hungary:
- valid ID card or passport;
- documents attesting the place of residence;
- birth certificates;
- special certificates that attest that the marriage can take place (for foreign couples they can be obtained from the consulate/embassy of the home county);
- divorce certificates (if any) or death certificates (for widows).
Additional documents may be required, according to the nationality of the individuals. All documents must be submitted in Hungarian and/or translated into Hungarian by an official translator. Our Hungarian lawyers can help you prepare the necessary documents and submit them in due time at the relevant authorities.
A marriage concluded abroad registered in Hungary
If couples decide to marry abroad they can still register their marriage in Hungary through an application submitted at the Consular Sector of the Hungarian Embassy. Along with the application, the following documents must also be submitted:
- the original marriage certificate or a copy legalized by the Embassy;
- an official translation into Hungarian of the marriage certificate;
- the original birth certificate or certificates (if both individuals are Hungarian residents);
- documents attesting the marital status prior to the marriage (divorced, widowed);
- valid passport or ID card.
Certain consular fees apply and they vary according to the documents submitted by the married couple. 
Our law firm in Hungary can help you with various legal issues related to the Hungarian family law. Please contact us for more information.