Residence Permit in Hungary

Residence Permit in Hungary

Updated on Wednesday 24th June 2015

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According to their nationality, individuals who want to live in Hungary are required to apply for a residence permit in Hungary if their stay in the country exceeds three months. The Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality is the national authority which deals with all matters regarding settlement, residence, citizenship and refugee asylum in Hungary. 
Our Hungarian lawyers can help you with all the necessary information for various immigration issues in Hungary. 
Types of residence permits in Hungary
EU citizens and spouses of Hungarian citizens do not need a residence visa if their stay does not exceed three months. However, in order to be able to stay in the country for more than three months, a Registration Card and an Address Card are necessary. Non-EU family members of EU citizens also need a residency permit in Hungary if their stay lasts longer than three months. The following basic documents are necessary for applying for a residency permit in Hungary:
- proof of accommodation in Hungary;
- proof of employment in Hungary;
- proof that the applicant is able to support his or her family during their stay in Hungary.
According to the purpose of the application, there are various types of residence permits in Hungary:
- national residence permit;
- residence permit for voluntary activities;
- visas for seasonal workers;
- residence permit for the purpose of studies;
- residence permit for family unification;
- resident permit for official purposes;
- resident permit for medical treatments;
- residence permit for the purpose of scientific research
- temporary residence permits;
Special conditions apply to third country nationals. Our lawyers in Hungary can explain in detail the definitions of third country nationals or stateless persons, as they appear in the relevant Hungarian legislation.  Our lawyers can offer you specific infornation about the Hungarian family law.
Useful information about applying for residence permits in Hungary
Individuals interested in applying for residence permits in Hungary must meet the basic requirements for submitting their application. The necessary forms need to be completed (according to the type of residence permit), annexes must also be completed (if required), the applicant must provide additional necessary documents and he or she must pay a processing fee. Applicants must submit the applications themselves. 
A national residence permit in Hungary is valid for 5 years and can be renewed for another 5 years.
For more information about submitting applications for a national residence permit in Hungary and the related process, please contact our law firm in Hungary.