Setting Up a Sole Trader in Hungary

Setting Up a Sole Trader in Hungary

Updated on Wednesday 29th April 2020

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Setting-Up-a-Sole-Trader-in-Hungary.jpgA simple business form in Hungary

Investors who want to run a small business have the option to set up a sole trader in Hungary. Also known as the sole proprietorship, it is the simplest business form but also the one that creates the most liabilities for its owner. 
The Companies Act in Hungary regulates the main types of businesses available on its territory. The experts at our Hungarian law firm can give you complete information about the liabilities that arise with setting up a sole trader.

The sole proprietorship in Hungary

The sole proprietorship has no legal personality, but has other rights for companies in Hungary such as the right to acquire property or enter into agreements. This business form is owned only by one individual – a natural person who is also the sole member of the company.
Sole traders can be set up by Hungarian nationals or by foreign individuals who hold a residence permit in Hungary. Individuals who want to perform business activities as sole traders must apply for a sole trader permit. The application form will be accompanied by the following documents:
- proof of payment for the application fee;
- criminal record;
- qualification documents: proof that the individual is qualified to perform the respective activity;
- personal identification documents and residence documents;
- employment certificates (if the individual does not perform the sole trader activity as the main occupation).
Sole traders in Hungary can commence their activities after the permit is issued. They can only conduct the activities described in the permit and must perform the activity themselves.

The advantages of a sole trader in Hungary

It is rather easy to set up a sole trader in Hungary compared to the other business forms available in this country. Although the sole trader will also need to comply with certain taxation laws and make social security contributions, the demands are more relaxed than for large companies which require annual audits.
Lawyers in Hungary, private health contractors, social workers, consultants, accountants and other service providers can benefit from setting up as sole traders in Hungary.
You can contact the experts at our Hungarian law firm for more information about the liabilities of the sole proprietor in Hungary. We can also help you set up other business forms like subsidiaries or branches.